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Mark Worgan, Magician, Comedian, Presenter, Compere, Trainer, Author, Lecturer
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Q. What events can you perform at?


A. I can perform for virtually any type of event or occasion. Birthdays, Weddings, Private Parties, Corporate Events, Cruise Ships. The magic can be adapted to suit the occasion.


Q. Where will you work?  


A. I can work anywhere in the U.K. and abroad. I am willing to travel most distances subject to fees and clients needs. I spend time on luxury cruise ships all around the world so distance is not a problem.


Q. What type of venues are you able to perform in?


A. I am able to perform in most types of venues. The Close Up magic is suitable for private houses as well as large hotels and exhibition halls. The comedy cabaret is also very versatile, from cabaret floor to stage or theatres on land or at sea. Even in private homes. The acts can adapted to suit the venue I am working in.

Q. Is there a particular age group you can perform to?


A. No. I started out as a very successful children’s entertainer before progressing onto the adult comedy cabaret and Close Up magic so I have a very broad audience range. I am equally at home in front of children as I am in front of more mature age groups.


Q. Is your comedy offensive in any way?


A. Not at all. Because my background has derived from performing in front of children and family audiences and the fact that a lot of my work is on cruise ships, then I must keep a clean act. I have never used bad language or anything offensive, which allows me to play to all ages.


Q. What type of tricks do you perform?


A. My comedy Cabaret uses a lot of audience participation with members of the audience on stage with me. I like to perform tricks that are easy to follow and uncomplicated yet still have a big comedy element and still retain some mystery. The Close Up magic is very similar in that I like hands on audience participation and I use anything from a pack of cards to rope, coins, even items from off the dinner table. If you watch the clips of me on the site you can see the type of magic and humour in my show.


Q. How long is your act?


A. I have two 45 minute Comedy Cabaret acts and a 45-60 minute sit down Comedy Close Up magic show. The close up magic can also be used as strolling magic or at dinner tables. Depending on the number of people present and the occasion, I would generally perform the Close Up magic for an hour and a half to two hours. I also have a one man comedy magic show, which is ideal for theatres. This show runs for two hours with an interval.


Q. Can you alter your show if a client wants something  in particular?


A. Yes I am able to change the content of the show in certain areas. For instance, if a client wanted me to perform at a trade stand, then I could design the tricks and the patter to suit their product or message. The same could be said for the Comedy Cabaret. I am able to write the comedy around the situation and perhaps add a few relevant tricks as well.


Q. You say that you are a presenter and a compere, what is that exactly?


A. As an example, a few years ago I was asked to front a series of game shows for a corporate client to promote some products. A game show was written and I was given the role of presenter to deliver it to the audiences in a live theatre. I am also frequently asked to compere shows, see a review here, which is great as I can fill gaps with patter or magic and engage with the audiences. This enables your show to run smoothly, linking one item to another.


Q. You are also a Corporate Trainer, how does that fit in with your comedy and magic?


A. A few years ago I developed my own unique Presentation Skills training course, which uses my skills of a professional comedian and performer to teach you the skills needed to present successfully. Click here to see the course outline.


Q. How much do you charge?


A. There will be magicians all over the world wanting to know the answer to this question. As much as I can is the answer!!!!!!! No seriously, it does depend on the clients requirements, number of people attending, distance and occasion. As my acts can be adapted to suit different events I always give my clients a price depending on individual circumstances, for example, if I were to perform both the Close Up magic and the comedy cabaret at the same event.  


Q. You said that your  shows can be affected by the number of people attending, what do you mean by that?


A. This mainly applies to the Close Up magic where there are more then 120 people in attendance and I am asked to go around either at tables of performing strolling magic. Once the numbers get above 120, as a rule of thumb, then I generally recommend a second or even a third magician depending on the number of people. I only recommend this because one magician cannot get to perform magic to everyone and a client will always want you to get to see everyone.


Q. Is it just you as a performer or are there more in your company?


A. It is mainly me on my own but I do have other performers and magicians that I can bring along if needed. That is why I am able to deliver the entertainment for most events.


Q. Can you teach magic tricks to people?


A. I can teach magic and in fact I run Children’s Magic Workshops. Also, when asked I will give tuition to adults who want to learn some of the techniques. I also run workshops on comedy and the presentation skills as well as the children’s entertaining.